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Gastric Bypass
339 lbs. 212 lbs.
October, 2011 - 339 lbs. December, 2012 - 212 lbs.


Gastric Bypass
264 lbs. 142 lbs.
June, 2009 - 264 lbs. Sept, 2010 - 142 lbs.

Mark R.

Gastric Bypass
328 lbs. 226 lbs.
Nov, 2008 - 382 lbs. Nov, 2009 - 226 lbs.

Joe P.

381 lbs. 215 lbs
Oct, 2008 - 381 lbs. Nov, 2009 - 215 lbs.

Kevin W.

September 2008 - 370 lbs. September 2009 - 230 lbs.



With the Lap Band procedure, Angela went from 219 lbs. to 131 lbs. in 2 years!


With the Lap Band procedure, Brittany went from 251 lbs. to 179 lbs. in 1 year!




St. Clair Support Group

Patients from the St. Clair Support Group.  9 women with a collective weight loss of 1,067 lbs.  Their surgery dates vary; between 3 months ago and 4 years ago.
Congratulations ladies, keep up the great work!!


From 258 lbs to 128 lbs in 8 months!

Melisa B.

Benefit of Surgery: Resolution of Comorbidities

Before: 311 lbs, BMI=53

After: 1 year later (BMI=26 )

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Chris C.

Benefit of Surgery: Significant, Durable Weight Loss

Lost 150 lbs.
Maintaining that weight loss after 3 years



Before: BMI=55



After: At six months post-op -110 lbs.



After: Current BMI=25

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Benefit of Surgery: Significant Weight Loss



Before: BMI=42




After: 1 year, BMI=24

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Margaret C.

Lost over 100 lbs at one year post-surgery.






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Nicole H.

Lost over 100 lbs.







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Benefit of Surgery: Significant Weight Loss






After: - 100 lbs at 1 year



- 140 lbs at 2 years

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Erik M.



Before: Weight=540 lbs.




After: At 15 months post-op– 240 lbs

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Joel, Glenn, and Virginia


Joel and Glenn Before

Before: Joel was 445 lbs. and Glen was 346 lbs

Virginia Before

Before losting > 100 lbs

Virginia, Joel,  and Glenn After

After: Hundreds of lbs lost



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Chuck Before

Before: pre-op weight was 518

Chuck 8 months after

8 Months After: 318 lbs

18 Months After

18 Months After: 225 lbs

Chuck After

After: 300 lbs of weight lost in 2 years


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Joanie Before


Before: ~300 lbs.

Joanie After

After: Standing with Dr. Felix

Joanie After

After: Lost over 180 lbs.

Kurt S

December 2007, 284 lbs.

May 2008, 214 lbs.

David and Karen F.

Before: Husband & Wife, Jan 2008
337 Lbs. & 255 Lbs.

After: Aug 2008
249 Lbs. & 205 Lbs.

David M.:

Sept., 2007  360lbs.

Oct.8, 2008  210lbs.


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What a journey it has been! About a year ago, on my 39th birthday, I had an epiphany. I realized that I had a wonderful life. I was married to an amazing man; I had a great job, and was surrounded by lots of people who loved me. So why was I slowly killing myself? I had never had a weight problem...up until the age of 14 or so. From then on, it was all downhill, or in my case up on the scale. I graduated from high school at around 180 pounds. In college, while they talk about the freshman 10, I put on the freshman 40. Every year I'd put on a few more. But it's not like I didn't try to stop it. Over the years, I tried Weight Watchers countless times, Jenny Craig, Atkins, grapefruit, cabbage soup, and all the other fad diets out there. I don't think there is one I didn't try.. and fail at. So, as my confidence in myself went down, my weight went up until that 39th birthday when I weighed in at whopping 250. That is the day that I called my doctor who I'd seen for more than a decade for an appointment. When I finally got in to see her, she asked me if I was finally ready, as if she had been waiting for me to make this decision all along! She taled to me about Hope Bariatrics, and I was on my way to changing my last. On the day of my surgery, I weighed 278 pounds, thanks to a few months of ice cream for dinner. I was very nervous, but I had my wonderfully supportive husband by my side. He kept telling me that he married me when I was a positively svelte 230 pounds and that no matter what happened, he would be with me. With those words, I went peacefully to sleep. The initial surgery went well, an I was home within a few days. I was incredibly nervous, but I had all the literature that Hope Bariatrics had given me to refer to. I followed the instructions to the letter, felt really good, and ready to go back to work. At that point I had dropped 10 pounds, and was feeling great. As the weeks went by, I began to notie that my clothes were fitting a little looser, and that people were beginning to say things about my weight loss. A few months in, and I ha to give all of my old clothes to charity. I also had to buy a belt, which I had never needed before. These days, I'm about 165 pounds, an even though I don't feel like I look that much different, to everyone else the change is dramatic. Recently, I had to give a presentation to a group of people at work that I had not seen since before my surgery. As I introduced myself, I heard a few gasps from the audience. Afterwards, at least a half a dozen people said they did not recognize me. So, that's my journey, and I have to say that even though there have been moments along the way where I questioned by decision, now that I've arrive at this wonderful place, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thank you to Hope Bariatrics for all the support and encouragement you have provided along the way.

- Cleva

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