Healthy Eating Habits

Sample Eating Schedule – Post Op (Gastric Bypass/ Sleeve)
Greater Than 6 Months

READ FOOD LABELS (very carefully)

Key Points…

  • By this time you should be having 3-4 small meals or 3 meals and 1 snack per day at regular times. Keep all foods low sugar and low fat by reading food labels carefully!
  • Total volume of food at meals should not exceed -3/4 c.-1 cup.
  • Protein should be 50% of your meal, should always be eaten first, then veggies, fruits, occasionally high fiber carbs
  • Eat slowly- chew well. Stop at first sign of fullness, do not eat more than 30 minutes
  • No liquids for 30 minutes before, during and 1 hour after meals for LIFE!
  • Consume 70-80 grams of lean protein per day. Avoid protein bars ( high in sugar, sugar alcohol, fat)
  • Drink 64 ounces daily of appropriate fluids. Avoid caffeine, carbonation, sugar, fat and alcohol.
  • Snack wisely- No chips, pretzels or crackers. Fruits, veggie, specific Greek yogurt and protein drinks are acceptable choices- try to incorporate protein in snacks
  • Take ALL vitamins and minerals as recommended- call for recommendations if needed. Think about switching from “chewable” vitamins to capsules (call for info) to save money
  • Be active -Incorporate exercise into daily routine- 30 minutes per day or 40 min four times/week.
  • Call Hope Bariatrics office with any questions or concerns. You can also make an appointment with the dietitian if you are struggling with weight regain or a weight loss plateau.

Meal Examples



Eat within one hour of waking. Always include lean protein and fiber filled foods(fresh or frozen vegetables/ fruits All meals should include a healthy protein source and 3 grams or more of fiber/serving, low sugar, low fat. Eat protein first, then vegetables, fruits and occasionally appropriate high fiber carbs*.

Oatmeal (Steel Cut, Old Fashion or Weight Control Oats) made with low fat milk or other high protein cereal (such as unfrosted Shredded Wheat n Bran, Grape Nuts) (consider adding ½ serving of vanilla or unflavored protein supplement to increase protein intake)

Eggs with vegetables, such as vegetable quiche muffins (no carbs) or with fruit
Plain Greek Yogurt-(low fat and sugar) or Oikos Triple Zero, Chobani Simply 100

Lunch and Dinner

Try to eat last meal at least 3-4 hours prior to bedtime

Should always include a healthy protein source and nutrient rich foods containing fiber such as fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits and whole grain occasionally*. If trying to lose weight, keep all carbohydrates to a minimum.

Chicken Breast or Turkey- lean white meat, baked, broiled or grilled
Lean Lunchmeat (may be high in sodium, ask for low fat and low sodium)- Dietz/Watson Gourmet light turkey
Low sodium Lean Generation Ham
Plain GREEK Yogurt (low sugar and low fat) or Oikos Triple Zero
Eggs, egg beaters, egg whites
Tuna fish in water
Fish or seafood- baked, grilled or broiled
Beans (if tolerated)
Lean Pork / ham (low sodium) occasionally
Lean Beef (limit to 2 servings per week)
Cheese occasionally (choose low- fat, low sodium and use sparingly, try Cabot brand lite cheeses) sparingly
All Vegetables – fresh or frozen are best - (avoid corn)
All fresh fruits or frozen without added sugar, avoid juices, canned fruit, dried fruits
Beans, Lentils, and Whole grain carbohydrates occasionally such as whole wheat pasta, Smart Taste or
Sweet Potato, Dreamfields Pasta, Lundberg Rice Blends, Quinoa, barley, WW Couscous, Multi- grain tortillas (Tumaro’s Low Carb) or Nature’s Harvest 15 Grain lite bread or Sandwich thins- (Multi- or whole grain). All carbohydrates should contain 3 grams of fiber/serving and be lowest sugar (8 grams of sugar or less/meal).* Bread should have 2 grams of fiber/slice.*


Limit to once daily, early evening or mid-day.
Include protein and an adequate fiber source.

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