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Use this calculator to determine your BMI. The results of the BMI calculations are displayed below. Note that these are approximate values, and are intended to be used only as a rough guide. You can also use the formula of weight (in pounds) divided by your height (in inches) ² squared x 704.5 to find your exact BMI.

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Adult Obesity Prevalence Maps

Obesity Prevalence in 2017 by Education and Age

  • Obesity decreased by level of education. Adults without a high school degree or equivalent had the highest self-reported obesity (35.6%), followed by high school graduates (32.9%), adults with some college (31.9%) and college graduates (22.7%).
  • Young adults were half as likely to have obesity as middle-aged adults. Adults aged 18-24 years had the lowest self-reported obesity (16.5%) compared to adults aged 45-54 years who had the highest prevalence (35.8%).

Obesity Prevalence in 2017 Varies Across States and Territories

  • All states had more than 20% of adults with obesity.
  • 20% to less than 25% of adults had obesity in 2 states (Colorado and Hawaii) and the District of Columbia.
  • 25% to less than 30% of adults had obesity in 19 states.
  • 30% to less than 35% of adults had obesity in 22 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
  • 35% or more adults had obesity in 7 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and West Virginia).
  • The South (32.4%) and the Midwest (32.3%) had the highest prevalence of obesity, followed by the Northeast (27.7%), and the West (26.1%).

Source: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

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